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I went to durham nc beltone office purchased a pair of aids, the left aid came apart in my fingers this was a few months after the warrenty had expired. They offered to glue it back together for $300,which I refused to do. the aid was as thin as egg shell and I felt this was not the solution to this problem.I told them this was a defective aid .They wanted me to purchase another ,I told them that I would never use them again to get another... Read more

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My hearing aid needed repairs. I went the Toms River office and they determined the problem. I was told I could expect the repair to be completed within 2 weeks. That was a month ago! After numerous calls they informed me I would be contacted when they received the hearing aid from the lab. The staff was indifferent and curt. Funny thing- when I purchased the aids for $4000.00 they were ready in a week. Read more

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I had a free hearing test from Beltone. The gentleman doing the test was nice enough and advised me I needed a hearing aid. He was very persuasive so I agreed. By the time I came home I realized I had made a huge mistake, I could hear just as well without the hearing aid. When I returned it, I found out that I don't get the full price back, they deduct $1279.00 from my over $6400 price upon returning. I returned it in 2 days. In my opinion... Read more

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My husband spend $5,000. for a uselessness hearing aid. Doctor in Greenville tx was inpatient never want to take time to adjust him hearing aid we stop going there. It was money we wasted on. People if you ever need hearing aid go see the ears and nose doctor first. Never go to BELTON to buy hearing aids.

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It is inconceivable that I had to return these devices due to malfunctioning and still they are asking to pay the 10% cancellation fee.

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I rewcetly got my hearing aid from Beltone and am very happy with it. Bob, who took care of me, was very professional and answered all my questions. In fact, he said that of I have any more questions to call him and he would help. I do not understand these reviews here. I checked ratings and there are three companies that are rated hiogher than others. Beltone in that company. The price was reasonable after having priced many others. I like... Read more

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After about 10 months my hearing aids stop working one then the other, sent them back for repairs twice and they are still not working right. The other problem I have is the company only has one service guy for a hundred mile radius and you never can get service when you need it. one day they are in one place the next day they may be 100 miles away. I will never buy beltone hearing aids again. The worst thing about this my insurance only cover... Read more

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Beltone behind the ear 2000 dollar model has stopped working twice since I purchased it it has always been uncomfortable in my ear possibly due to the shape of the part that goes into the ear.The staff are very nice and I know they don't make the product I have not even finished paying for the aid and that is one thing that bothers me it is like making payments on a car that does not run.I have had it around a year Read more

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Got aids in June 2015. Not very good quality, for cost. Paid copay for bill. Insurance paid less than agreed amount. I was billed extra $1066 above what I had already paid. I paid $1066 more In Aug. 2015 to pay full bill. Argued with insurance and finally in Nov. 2015 they sent $1066 check to Beltone. Jan.15,2015, I get check from Beltone for $731. After repeated calls and stops at the shop, on Feb.23,2016 I'm told that it is for "services" that... Read more

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Experience. Was terrible, forced device I. My ear and bled for a week, could not wear hearing aid, dropped on floor and tried to force the device back in ear, the tech became very irate do and threw his hands on desk, said that he could not please me, lost 300.00 because of this. This location for belt one needs to be reported. Helen Green. I have doctors report showing my ear that was treated . Read more

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