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Audiologist seemed nice. After my hearing test, audiologist briefly explained my hearing loss, suggested three HA options, recommended a $5000.00 set of HA's and began to pressure me to purchase as though the decision had to be made in TWO minutes or less!!!

Against my better judgement, I made my choice. Went to pick the HA's up and I was rushed, after my second attempt to get hearing aids in, she scolded me " you're making your ears red", took them from me, put them in my ears, told me to practice at home. I called a couple of days later explaining that my ears hurt, made another appt. she ignored my request to check if I had them in correctly or if I had possibly injured my ears.

Simply recalibrated HA's scolded me on first attempt at putting them in, and sent me on my way. A day later receptionist did a well check, when I said I was not going to wear them because my ears hurt, I got a call back the Dr. now wants to check my ears. I never went back, went to different Beltone location- where they didn't make a dime off of me and was treated like I should have been at previous location.

I highly recommend Dr. Robert M.

Leverett at Prattville, AL. Location*****

Review about: Beltone Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Beltone does not have audiologists, they are hearing care practitioners licensed by state.


I'm sorry you had problems.

I, too, wear 2 hearing aids but they were acquired at our medical facility ensuring superior personnel and products. You always see an M.D.

You should never feel pressured to buy (mine came with 30-day return) and they shouldn't hurt your ears due to improper fit.

There can be adjustment issues at first ( my ear canals are 2 different shapes )

$5000 is top dollar so you should receive satisfaction.

(One place I checked was nearly $10,000 !) I paid $4800 and am very pleased with them.

I have Meniere's disease and they even help with the tinnitus .

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